MarSec20+ (Online)

MarSec20+ (Online)

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Petrospot and CSO Alliance are pleased to introduce their virtual conference MarSec20+ | The future of Port and Maritime Security – a two-day exploration into emerging trends, challenges and opportunities in maritime security and their impacts on the future of our sector.

The conference will bring together key industry leaders from commercial shipping and ports, bunkering organisations, and cyber security specialists, to address emerging trends in maritime security and create a community across the shipping and bunkering sectors which can knowledgeably and effectively uphold the future of maritime security.

The inaugural MarSec20+ conference will take place on December 8th and 9th, comprising presentations and panel discussions across such themes as;

  • Is Maritime Security matching the threats?
  • The information gap in Maritime Security
  • Ports and Ships working together
Among this, the MarSec20+ conference platform provides the latest in virtual networking interfaces and allows you to bookmark, connect, and arrange meetings with all attendees, sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors throughout the event, facilitating a comprehensive conferencing experience.


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