How bad would it be if one of your ships was hijacked by pirates and they kidnapped your crew?

Working for two decades at the sharp-end of combating piracy around the world – responding to and investigating hijackings and violence against crew – we know it’s not something any Company Security Officer OR ship operator wants to find out. Which is why we invented our rail-mounted security barrier system, DFENCE.

DFENCE Corporate Video – Vessel Perimiter Protection System

What is DFENCE?

• It is a security barrier system moulded in UV-stabilised heavy-duty plastic (HDPE).

What does it do?

• It stops pirates and other attackers taking advantage of unprotected safety rails to gain easy access to the decks of ships, oil rigs and other marine installations.

How does it do it?

• Its unique profile prevents ladders, poles and other improvised climbing apparatus being lent against or hooked onto the safety rails. It protrudes outboard of the safety rails creating a substantial obstacle to climbing from below.

Why choose DFENCE?

It’s designed by experts. DFENCE is the product of decades of experience sailing and operating ships, as well as extensive maritime-security knowledge and countering piracy and piracy experts at Gray Page.

We worked for two years with climbing experts to devise a modular profile that is the hardest to defeat.

It’s been tested by experts. DFENCE was independently tested in Denmark by ex-special forces personnel. The team concluded: “DFENCE is a significant barrier against unwanted boarding. It is robust, well-constructed, impossible to tear down and difficult to climb over. It is the best system we have tested to date.” – Norman Kristiansen CEO, Guardian-srm See the Video – Tested by Experts

It’s been chosen by experts. DFENCE has been used on ships at sea in high risk areas since 2017 and we are happy to provide customer references.

It’s been recognised by the shipping industry. DFENCE was awarded Best Security Product or Service of the Year at IHS Markit’s Safety at Sea Awards 2018. The judges said that DFENCE is: “An elegant and, importantly, quick and easy-to-use solution for what will be a high-stress potentially life-threatening situation.”

It’s simple and safe to use. The DFENCE system is safe to handle. It can be fitted without specialist equipment. It is simple to assemble, disassemble and easy to store on-board.

We are easy to work with. We have professional backgrounds sailing, operating and managing ships. We understand naval architecture, deck and engineering operations. Many of us have been in the business for 20+ years and know how procurement works. With just a few essential elements of information from you, we will do all the specification and quotation work for you promptly.


Take a look at this video: Strictly speaking, this isn’t a video about our DFENCE system. It is a beautifully shot, short video of a free-fall lifeboat in action. However, there are some great views of DFENCE fitted to the sunken poop of a new VLCC.


Contact us:

Tel: +44 1865 861400

Email: dfence@graypage.com or james.wilkes@graypage.com or john.evanson@graypage.com

Website: www.graypage.com/dfence

Gray Page – the company behind the product

Gray Page is a well-known maritime advisory and consulting group specialising in the provision of investigative, intelligence and security services to help international shipping, trading and insurance companies solve certain types of problems, including piracy and violent crime at sea. Over the last twenty years, we’ve built an unparalleled record of success across a range of issues; handling more than 5,000 cases and projects, working on the ground in more than 80 countries. The experience of our piracy experts dates back to the 1990’s, since when we’ve been at the leading-edge of maritime security efforts to combat piracy in Southern Asia, off the Horn of Africa and in the Gulf of Guinea - West Africa. Website: www.graypage.com

See the Video – Tested by Experts